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Wound Polypropylene

Based on a tried and tested technology the SWP all polypropylene wound cartridge offers an
economical particulate solution compatible with most processes. Often referred to as string, this
product is commonly used for general dirt removal.


Features & Information
• Exact computer controlled wound pattern delivers reliable particulate
removal throughout its media
• Available in a wide range of micron sizes from 0.5 - 150 are available in
standard diameter, 10" to 40" lengths
• Available in large diameter 10" and 20" lengths for reduced cartridge
changeout frequency
• Constructed with polypropylene media on a polypropylene core
• Graded density construction ensures high dirt-holding capacity

Applications & Industries
• Sand, silt and rust removal
• Manufacturing chemicals
• Metal finishing
• Surface coating
• Valve, pump or nozzle protection

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