Vokes Hepatex DP

Hepatex DP

Where air purity and filter life are paramount, Hepatex DP will be too. Used for supply, recirculation and exhaust air, Hepatex DP utilises an ultra-fine glass fibre media, formed into robust, deep pleats and divided by aluminium separators. This deep pleat design not only provides a long service life, but it also means that even in the harshest, most heavy-duty operating conditions, Hepatex DP continues to perform at the optimum level.

Available in a wide range of frame materials, Hepatex DP is suited to a variety of applications including industrial processes, operating theatres and the handling of hazardous or nuclear material. In fact, anywhere that demands reliability and longevity, in all environments.


  • Available in a variety of frame materials
    To suit a variety of applications
  • Deep pleat design
    For a longer life and reduced costs
  • Ultra-fine, glass fibre media
    Ensures maximum performance even under heavy duty operation
  • Robust pleating technology
    For stability in operation and optimised performance
  • Temperature resistance to 120°C
    Suitable for use in the most extreme of operating environments
  • Optional handle available
    For ease of installation, handling and removal
  • Guaranteed leak-free
    For assured performance and safety


Filter Class (EN 1822) E11 - H14
Maximum Operating Temperature 120 °C
Relative Humidity < 100%
Media Format Deep Pleat
Media Material Glass Fibre
Frame Material Galvanised Steel / Stainless Steel / MDF / Plywood / Aluminium
Gasket Material Foamed Polyurethane
Incinerable No

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