Installation of a MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner

A MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner can be designed onto an engine as original equipment by the manufacturer or it can be retrofitted to an existing engine by the end user. The by-pass centrifugal oil cleaner requires a supply of pressurised oil. In most applications, the oil supply of such pressurised oil is obtained at engine pressure via the lube oil pump. In cases where oil pressure is insufficient, a slave pump can be installed. The centrifugal oil cleaner should be mounted at an angle of no more than 15° from the vertical. Temporary increases in tilt angle due to vehicle operation are not important.

*For OEM applications where tilt performance is essential, MANN+HUMMEL will design the centrifugal oil cleaner arrangement to meet the required tilt specification.

The oil leaving the centrifugal oil cleaner needs to be able to flow back to the engine to the engine’s oil reservoir under gravity. Thus, it is important that the oil drain is free from restrictions and that the return is above the oil level within the reservoir.

When installing a by-pass centrifugal oil cleaner, it is vital that engine components are not starved of the oil required for lubrication. During installation, checks should be made to ensure the oil system can support the extra flow taken in by the centrifugal oil cleaner. By fitting a cut-off valve (C.O.V), MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners can be prevented from taking oil when the engine oil pressure falls below a pre-set value. This prevents oil starvation under marginal lubrication conditions, e.g. when the engine is idling. When the oil pressure rises above the pre-set valve rating, the valve opens and the centrifugal oil cleaner operates normally.

The MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner operates over a wide range of oil temperatures and pressures. Please consult US if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The supply pressure exceeds 7 bar (Special provisions can be provided for pressures above this level)
  • The supply pressure is below 3 bar
  • The oil volume used by the centrifugal oil cleaner exceeds 10% of the pump output
  • The operating oil temperature falls below 50°C

The objective is to achieve the maximum number of sump passes per hour without exceeding the excess flow capacity of the engine pump.To determine the correct centrifugal oil cleaner for an application, it is important to review the total oil sump volume and the system lube oil flow rate. Performance curves for each centrifugal oil cleaner model are shown in MODELS

centrifuge range

For retrofit applications where the direct engine mounting of the centrifuge is difficult, MANN+HUMMEL offer remotely mounted designs (FM060, FM090, FM200, FM400 and FM600) which use air pressure to assist clean oil to return to the reservoir. This option is only applicable where a supply of compressed air is available.