MANN+HUMMEL by-pass centrifugal oil cleaners offer all these benefits:

centrifuges for engines


Cleaner oil

Extension of oil life

Lengthens service intervals

Reduces engine wear

Enhances long-term preventative maintenance

Reduces maintenance costs

Cuts waste disposal costs

Reduces application down time

Maximises in-service time for vehicle/engines/machine

Reduces total cost of ownership

Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency

Supports engine technology for the reduction of exhaust emissions (e.g. exhaust gas recirculation )

Fast return on investment

Centrifugal force is capable of removing a wide range of particles extending into the sub-micron range. Analysis of the dirt collected by a MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner reveals an ability to remove particles of less than one micron in size, including engine clogging soot. Oil films protecting critical engine components are just as small in size. If these contaminants in this size range are not removed, they cause component wear and consequently, a reduction in engine durability.

MANN+HUMMEL Centrifugal Oil Cleaners are suitable for engines in agricultural, construction, mining, automotive ( including buses and trucks ), marine and power generation applications.