Macrogen GT-Duo

Macrogen GT Duo has been specifically designed to meet the exact needs of gas turbine operators. With a low initial pressure drop and high dust holding capacity, combined with an inherent water repellency (coalescing and drainage), Macrogen GT Duo meets all the needs of gas turbine power plants.

Made from a durable plastic frame the Macrogen GT Duo product range offers excellent protection to valuable rotating machinery assets like turbines, compressors and pumps. Fitted as a pre-filter. Macrogen GT Duo can improve the overall performance of a turbine, whilst taking up minimal space by eliminating the requirement for an extra coalescer stage.

The filter is ideal for tropical, coastal and offshore gas turbine air intake installations and atmospheric dust concentrations up to 100 μg/m³. Add to this a high burst strength and it is easy to see why this pre-filter/coalescer combination will improve both your turbine’s performance and your maintenance schedule.


  • Combines pre-filter with high efficiency coalescer in one stage Saves time, space and cost
  • Patented highly efficient water drainage system Drains water away from the downstream airflow
  • Suitable for ambient dust concentrations up to 100 μg/m³ Allowing use in all environments
  • Fully sealed Ideally suited for offshore and coastal applications
  • High burst resistance up to 2000 Pa For reliability and safety in operation
  • Low pressure drop Maximises turbine power output
  • Synthetic media with excellent hydrophobic properties Eliminates the requirement for a separate coalescer stage
  • Fully incinerable and lightweight construction For easy storage, handling, installation and disposal
  • Robust hollow profile plastic frame Excellent strength and rigidity
  • Stabilized pleats Ensure air flow rates up to 5000 m³/h without clogging


Filter Class (EN 779) G4 / M5
Continuous Operating Temperature < 70 °C
Relative Humidity 100%
Flammibility Class F1
Media Format Pleated
Media Material Water repellent synthetic
Frame Material ABS Plastic
Gasket Material Polyurethane
Incinerable Yes